The cards have been developed to be used in different ways.To emphasize this, each card consist of a graphics side and a content side.

Vanta has chosen to use design sustainable cards in collaboration with Design School Kolding to give the opportunity to those who approach the brand concept to be able to fully and intuitively understand the sustainable  process undergone by each Vanta garment.


On one side of each card , there is a visual compass showing how the individual card links to three overall approaches to design for sustainability:

  • Technical focus (green)  refers to the length of time a product stays in use before it breaks or wears out 

  • Functional focus ( blue) refers to the length of time a product stays in use before its functionally no longer meets the user's expectations needs

  • Emotional focus ( red) refers to the length of time a product stays in use before the user stop having any emotional attachment to it.


We use materials and production methods that consider the environment in a positive way.

We use waste textile material in order to minimize pollution and disposal of resources.

 Our aesthetic lifetime is aligned within a circular system thinking of impact zero. Our design expresses our targets users through the unique shapes of patchwork, repeatable but always different.

 We are completely transparent about information of all company’s users, partners and suppliers.

We also provide consumers precise information about our materials.

Our labelling system represent our transparent philosophy. We provide formal information on aspect such as material composition on our website through QR code scan system. 

Our labels are composed by our denim waste material where we print date and piece number.

 Production of our collections is placed within the Italian territory to either development, material production.

We minimize use of resources,  transport costs, co2 emissions and logistics and we actively collaborate with our Italian partners and suppliers. This reflects our transparent philosophy during the entire supply chain.

We are transparent on product history regarding development and production in order to involve the final users in the whole process and create emotional connection.

Production starts only when a user places an order. Our Manufacturing on Demand reduces our overall resource wastage.

Re-use concept is at the centre of our philosophy. Our responsible formula is entirely based on the ethical perspective of impact zero. Every piece of our collection is composed by industrial waste material.

We inject new and higher value to our garments through our sartorial approach together with the experimentation of new style solutions.

We optimize the use of material in every step of our production and use in order to minimize material waste. 

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