Vanta Design Studio is a creative project entirely made in Italy that through the ethical perspective of impact zero makes its own aesthetic and ideological revolution inside the streetwear universe.

Thanks to the archives of the most prestigious Italian textile companies, unused fabrics, and materials intended for disposal, finds a new form and meaning.

A responsible formula, supplied by an innovative vision, which returns to the concept of "reduce-reuse-recycle" a different and unexpected attitude. A concept that acquires further energy and prominence thanks to the sartorial approach together with the experimentation of new style solutions.

Our garments are made of recycled material, they are entirely handcrafted, repeatable but always different.


Vanta Design Studio believes in sustainability, we design clothes contributing to the "recycling revolution”.

We strive to be a global leader in the fashion industry by empowering the synergy between the textile industry and our team, with a singular focus on the research of materials and the study of the design.


Our key words are: tailoring-research-recycling


The strategic vision of Vanta is to induce its stakeholders to a responsible consumption, showing them how a waste material can give life to a recycled product, even through sartorial labour. 

This means to commit to take better care of our planet and people; through a simple idea we find a sustainable and innovative solution to the overproduction, conformism and exploitation of present day’s fashion system. We believe in simplicity, not in complexity.



Sustainability is at the heart of all Vanta products. We are committed to create collections that reflect our involvement in the construction of a better world and a sustainable future.

Vanta puts these actions at the centre of its strategy and priorities

   1.Create a collective commitment to eco-sustainability 

   2.Reducing the environmental impact of its activities and supply chain (greenhouse gases, water, waste)

   3.Offer products that do not damage the environment

   4.Involve their suppliers in this commitment and support them in improving their social and environmental practices

Vanta reuse and recycle junk of jeans and transform it into new resources. Every time you choose Vanta you save around 750 liters of water, that’s the amount needed to produce one pair of jeans. That’s the equivalent of 285 showers.

Over the past two years we’ve saved 1.000 kg of dismissed pieces of jeans and wool from landfill and incineration and turned them into new denim.

That is the equivalent of 3000 km of textile waste, this means driving around three times the Italian peninsula from its northernmost point to its southern. 


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